Let’s Talk Panoramic Views

This week, I challenged myself to create panoramic images with Adobe Bridge & Photoshop CC. Its as easy as pie in a box. I know, the saying is easy as pie – but in my experience, baking a pie is NOT easy – Pie in a box, on the other hand…

Anyway, we finally bought a new boat and so we were out on the water all day. It storms in Florida pretty much every afternoon during hurricane season, so I had plenty of great sky to photograph.

Here are my final shots:

This shot was comprised of around 7 or 8 images stitched together

Let's Talk Panoramic Views

This shot was comprised of 20 images stitched together. This took a LOT of extra work and hours of masking to make sure everything went well together. Ill have to give it another run over tomorrow with fresh eyes, but this is pretty close to awesome.

Let's Talk Panoramic Views

The basic setup is this:

  • Take images so that they overlap by at least 1/3 of each image.
  • When you get them on the computer, put all the images into their own folder and title it ‘panorama’ so you know which images you used (totally forgot to do this with the first image above :O )
  • Next, Open the images in bridge and go to Tools > Photoshop > Photomerge.
  • I always select the auto option, but you can play with the different merge options available for a different look.
  • Photoshop will take a bit to merge the photos, depending on how many you have. Once it is done you crop and voila! panoramic views!
  • When it can’t merge all the images, you might have to piece them all together like I did the photo above, but it is possible and achieves pretty sweet results.

Try it! I’d love to see your panoramas. Share in comments or comment with a link to your images and I will check them out!

Creatively Yours,

Amanda Pratt