Little Bird Key

This is a photo story about our adventure exploring Little Bird Key,

an island in Boca Ciega Bay, Madeira Beach, FL.

(Our house is right across from little bird key, where the peninsula ‘dips’ in)

Little Bird Key
Little Bird Key


We decided to take a kayak trip out to one of the islands that we see from our house on the bay. I had always wondered what was in there, since all we could see were trees and the birds who lived in the trees. This is what we found…


An Abandoned Boat

Little Bird Key - An Abandoned Boat

A Cove into the Mangroves



 Jewels Dangling From the Trees


Flotation Devices/ Ironic Warnings

(a. Caution Seagrass Buoy stuck inside the island

b. Swim Buoy in an Oyster Bed – Ouch!

c. Boat Fender)


Emerald Views


Oyster Beds

Little Bird Key - Oyster Beds


Wondrous Views of Natural Habitat


And…Birds Of Course!

(a. White Ibis, b. Great Blue Heron)

**Little Bird Key is a mangrove island located in Boca Ciega Bay within the city limits of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Little Bird Key is one of several islands which comprise the Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge and Bird Sanctuary was established in 1951. Public entry to all islands in the refuge is prohibited because of their small size and critical importance to coastal bird species. “No entry” signs are posted. The island serves as a rookery year-round, and is best observed from small-craft vessels with non-combustible engines, considering the surrounding grass flats.

The Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge includes Tarpon, Indian, Little Bird, Mule, Jackass, and Listen keys, and Whale Island.

Wikipedia article:

Nearby cities: St. Petersburg, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Lakeland, Florida
Coordinates: 27°41’8″N 82°43’0″W


All Photos by (c)AKPratt Photography